Monday, 31 May 2010

First christmas card

This is my first Christmas card I have made, yes I agree it is very simple ( like me)lol, but I need to do many this year, and needed to make something simple and start early, so I have more time to do the detailed christmas card orders that i will get later on in the year. Looking around for inspiration at the moment, but nothing is hitting the spot at the moment.....

Evening, I haven't posted anything for a while as i seem to have lost my usb lead for my camera, so that last couple of cards that I have made I have taken with my mobile phone, which isn't great I may add!! But anyway this card is for the DC floral challenge....haven't taken part in a DC challenge for a while now, thought i was time to think out of the box again for a change.

Sunday, 9 May 2010


this is for a lady who will be celebrating her 90th birthday soon! Had to keep it flat, as it needs to be posted! finding that a lot lately, that I need to make cards that do not cost more to post. Doesn't make the card that interesting if I am honest, but people are not willing to pay extra to post a birthday card on top of purchasing a handmade card.

paper is papermania and stamp is too I remember correctly. I am not very good at remembering where and what make things are, I just love looking at the papers and I am attracted to anything that sparkles!! lol.


Here is a card for a little boy who is being baptised next weekend. Wanted to keep it simple and not too babyish as he is now 3. A lovely lady from Do Crafts who gave me the inspiration, thank you!

Thursday, 6 May 2010

What a lovely day it has been today! Went shopping for some plants for the garden, just love this time of year! Made is this card for my sister from my mum who's birthday is tomorrow! I liked the spring colours from Summertime Designs, and some free stamps that came on the front of a magazine.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Here is another birthday card for a relative who is rather poorly at the moment, so wanted to keep it nice and simple for her! hope you like it!
My youngest started Beavers tonight, he was soooo excited about going and had a really good time! Can't wait for next week!
Bye for now.x.

Here is a card that I finished yesterday but didn't get chance to post it on here, for my sisters' birrthday on Friday! I got the image from a lovely lady on DoCrafts forum, sorry the name escapes me at the moment.....Wendy I believe, there, hope that is right!

Papers are from Summertime Designs - sorry haven't found out to to link names yet.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Woken very early this morning by my girly (dog), wanting to go out and do what dogs do! lol!. Not very happy with her as it was about ten to five!!! Never mind, she is a good girl and we went back to sleep on the sofa for an hour before she started whining for her breakfast. It never stops.......either the kids or the dog! Hoping to make some cards today for my little box of emergency cards. Like to have a few in case I or a friend need one quickly that they have forgotton about. I seem to have lost my mojo over the last few week, but feel it coming back so have vowed to try and keep my new blog up to date with my creations and let you know whats going on.
Byeeee for now!